48-24-12-6 Hour & 100 Mile Runs

8 miles from Boise, Idaho in beautiful Eagle Island State Park.

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Registration closes March 15th!


Pickled Feet Runs started in 2012. Check out results here.


Sign up to volunteer. Thank you!


2.5 mile loop followed by a short "finishing" loop open for the last hour of each event.

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You were always looking for a timed race without asphalt and concrete hurting your feet and joints, where you can enjoy nature while running on trails. Look no more. This beautiful course is a certified 2.5 mile ‘lollipop loop’ composed of dirt trail and gravel road bordering the Boise River and Eagle Island pond, long enough to keep you interested, yet short enough to provide frequent aid. Set new goals with mild terrain and excellent support to aid your success.