You were always looking for a timed race without asphalt and concrete hurting your feet and joints, where you can enjoy nature while running on trails. Look no more. This beautiful course is a 2.6 mile ‘lollipop loop’ composed of dirt trail and gravel road bordering the Boise River and Eagle Island pond, long enough to keep you interested, yet short enough to provide frequent aid. Set new goals with mild terrain and excellent support to aid your success.

Long Loop

Update 3/14: The course is not changing as much as we thought because the new paved road into the park will not be open yet. The long loop is 2.6 miles. Here is a current course map.


Course Certification

Due to course changes, the course will not be USATF certified for 2016, but it will be accurately measured with a wheel. The long loop wheels at 2.607585 miles.


For the last hour of each of the timed events, we will open up a .28 mile loop on which you can rack up as many miles as possible if you don’t think you can complete the main loop in time. Any loop not completed by the finishing air horn will not count.


The start line and official timer will be located near the Harrier Shelter at the south/west side of the course. The official race aid station, restrooms, and medical tent will also be located in this area. The official aid station will supply plenty of excellent ultra food and drink to satisfy the needs of most runners.

At our start/finish pavilion, we will have the timing mat area, the aid station, and the event tent which will be kept warm for sleeping or self-crewing. There will be space for you to set your own aid station containing your own supplies using tables, tents, canopies, personal aid, crew access, etc. Personal set up in these areas is allowed but not required, as the official aid station will provide all of the aid and fuel you will need to successfully complete this race.

Eagle Island has ample space for RVs and campers and such – please ask for the location where large vehicle parking would be allowed..

There will be NO auxiliary aid station on the course. The only aid station will be located at the start/finish of each loop.

Glimpse the Boise River.

Beautiful scenery all around.

Please note that we cannot close the course to all non-race-related usage during the race. Eagle Island State Park is a public park that will be open to the public on race day, and you can expect to see a few other park users during the race. In general, the park is much less crowded in March than it is during the summer months.

A highlight of this course is the half mile section bordering the beautiful pond.

Rounding the pond on the opposite side of the pavilion