"Lori Neves, Joyce Gebhardt, and Nancy Emerson (12 hour)"
“Lori Neves, Joyce Gebhardt, and Nancy Emerson (12 hour)”


  • Tuesday – Friday 3/22-3/25
    Race Week Specials at The Pulse Running & Fitness Shop
    All nutrition is Buy 3, Get 1 free
    Socks and compression 25% off
    All long sleeves, jackets, and pullovers 50% off
    Beanies and gloves 40% off
  • Wednesday, March 23, 2016; 3-6PM
    The Pulse Running & Fitness Shop, BOISE store
    Dr. Mike Widmann, a Boise chiropractor (and runner) and founder of AlignHealth in Boise, will be providing Active Release Technique and Rock Tape demo for those needing a little tweak before the PF runs.
  • Thursday, March 24, 2016
    3:00 -6:00 pm – Check in at race start (Eagle Island)
    5:30 pm – 48 Hour pre-race briefing at race start (Eagle Island)
    6:00 pm – 48 Hour start
  • Friday, March 25, 2016
    8:30 – 9:30 am – 100 Mile check in at race start (Eagle Island)
    9:30 am – 100 Mile Pre-race briefing at race start (Eagle Island)
    10:00 am – 100 Mile race start
    3:00 – 5:3o pm – 6/12/24 Hour check in at race start (Eagle Island)
    5:30 pm – 6/12/24 Pre-Race Briefing at race start (Eagle Island)
    6:00 pm – 6/12 Hour Night/24 Hour race start (Eagle Island)
  • Saturday, March 26, 2016
    12:00 am – 6 Hour race ends; pizza!
    4:00 am-5:30 am – 12 Hour Day check in at race start (Eagle Island)
    5:30 am – 12 Hour Day pre-race briefing
    6:00 am – 12 Hour Day race start; 12 Hour Night  race ends
    11:30 am – 6 Hour Day pre-race briefing
    12:00 pm – 6 Hour Day race begins
    3-4:00 pm – post-race meal begins
    5:00 pm – .28 mile short loop opens for 48, 24, 12, and 6 Hour Day runners
    6:00 pm – 100 mile race final cutoff (32 hours); 48 Hour, 24 Hour, 12 Hour Day, and 6 Hour Day races end
    6:30 pm – Awards presentation

Race Features

  • Essentially traffic free, mostly flat (~10 feet elev. change), mostly non-paved surface
  • Located within a scenic State Park
  • Beautiful park location where non-running family members can take a walk and meet runners on the course or play with kids on the great play structure (see picture below).
  • Start time allows local runners to come to the race after work on Thursday or Friday and be home Saturday night with a full day of recovery before work on Monday.
  • Saturday evening finish time allows families to enjoy the park on Saturday, be there for your finish, and enjoy a post-race dinner with you.
  • The various races start throughout, adding some fresh faces to the scenery as dawn breaks for those who have been running already one or two nights.
  • The 100 mile race comes with a generous 32 hour cutoff to make it accessible to almost anyone with the desire to go 100 miles!
  • Overall winners (male/female) in each timed race will also earn the title of Idaho State Champion.

Location, Park Entry, Parking

  • Location: Eagle Island State Park, 8 miles west of Boise, Idaho; 4000 W. Hatchery Rd., Eagle, ID 83616.
  • Included in your entry fee is one free car pass to the park for use by you and/or your family or crew however you desire. Additional family or crew vehicles must pay the $5/car park entry fee or have the annual State Park Pass, or risk being ticketed.
  • Volunteers and race staff gain free entry to the park on race day. Come into the park without paying, get your pass from the race HQ, and put the pass in your car.
  • The parking lot (with plenty of parking space) is directly adjacent to the course with easy access at any time during the race.


    • Each runner is asked to furnish one volunteer to fill a minimum 4 hour shift during the race. Once you have registered, please have your designated volunteer fill out the form on the volunteer page so that we have all their information and can contact them with specifics about their volunteer spot. There is a spot on the form for volunteers to pick their own time frame. Thank you!
    • If you are a runner coming from out of town and cannot bring a volunteer, we will waive the volunteer requirement, as we do not want this to prevent you from signing up. Thank you!


    • This is a change from our 2015 pacer rules.
    • You may freely have people run with you after HALF WAY through your particular race. If you are running the 6 hour, you may have a pacer start 3 hours in. If you are running the 48 hour, you may have a pacer for the second 24 hours. If you are running the 100 mile, you may have a pacer starting at 50 miles. You get the idea.
    • Pacers may not cross the timing mat. There will be a lane to go around. It’s very confusing for the timer to verify chip accuracy when multiple people without timing chips are crossing the line.
    • Pacers may not use the aid station, other than for water. We are only stocking the aid station with enough food for the registered runners.


  • Runners may have crew support every lap. There will be an event tent directly on the course with space to set up your crew and a personal aid station, if you should desire, although use of this area is not required.

Aid and Food

  • Food and aid (including medical assistance) will be available as you complete each lap. We will have a wide range of typical ultra food, and we are open to your suggestions and food requests. A parade of specialty food items will come and go throughout the 48 hour duration.
  • We will NOT have a supplemental aid station in the middle of the loop.
  • Medical and security staff will be present at HQ and patrolling the course at all times.


  • Race headquarters resides in a covered pavilion with a heated medical area which will double as a personal aid/drop bag area.
  • Restrooms are located immediately on the course at the headquarters. Depending on whether or not the park has de-winterized for the year, the restroom facilities may be portables; but we are hoping to gain access to the park’s established restrooms. We will not know this until the week of the race.


  • Through the genius and generosity of our local timing guru Rich Marion, we will again be providing chip timing and electronic lap counting.
  • Live leaderboard updates will be posted nearly live to a spreadsheet on the website throughout the event.
  • The timing chip will be attached to your bib # and must be worn on your person on the front, outer layer of clothing at ALL TIMES. We are not responsible for laps not counted because you changed your clothes and forgot to move your bib over or some other similar scenario.
  • A computer kiosk will be set up at the race so you can check the current lap count for yourself or someone else.

Leaving the Course 

  • Once the race has started, YOU MAY NOT not leave the park venue if you plan to continue racing. If you leave the park, your race is over. You can go to the parking lot and sleep in your car or take any length of break you want to as long as you do not leave Eagle Island State Park. This is to keep the playing field fair to those who do not have the option of going home for a break and then returning to keep running.
  • If you plan to take a break from the race and not start your next loop right away – for more than about 20 minutes or the duration of a normal aid station stop –  we ask that as a courtesy you check out and then back in with the timing personnel/lap counters. If you are checked out for more than two hours, we will assume that you are done and will end your race at that point, giving you credit for miles run up to the point you checked out.
  • If you leave the course, you must re-enter at the exact point where you left. To assist us, please tell the race director if you are leaving for good, or if you are leaving for an extended period with the intention of returning.

Ending the Race

  • One hour from the end of each timed race, timed event runners will be given the option of running a .28 mile loop on asphalt around the waterslide/lake area in order to accumulate as many miles as possible. This option is not available for 100 mile event runners, who must finish the designated number of full laps before 6:00 pm on Saturday.
  • Whether running the long loop or short ending loop when the race ends, ONLY FULL LAPS will count. If you have not crossed the start/finish timing mat by the time the final air horn sounds, the lap you were on will not count.

Course Etiquette

  • Please do not impede other runners by running more than two abreast on the narrower sections of trail.
  • Bicycles (by use of anyone other than people not associated with the race or race security volunteers) are not permitted.
  • Please keep your dog out of congested race areas and out of the aid station pavilion.
  • Every 2.6 miles, you will have access to bathroom facilities. This is a short enough span to not have to use the bushes for any business other than urinating. If you are found to be pooping anywhere other than in the restroom, you may be subject to immediate disqualification. Yes, we really had to say that.
  • Littering on the course will subject you to disqualification.
  • STAY TO THE RIGHT. Whether runners are moving fast or slow, all runners are trying for their best performances. Thus, there is no need to move off the trail for someone who may want to pass. The only exception is runners together in groups. If you are running with someone else, please stay to the right of the trail to let other runners get by. This will ensure safety and a right of way for everyone.
  • During about the last hour of each race, the short asphalt loop opens up, and the start/finish area can get crowded. If you are walking or moving slower, please stay to the right. 

Distance Changes

  • Race Changes Before Race Day: You may change distances up to race day by emailing the Race Director. If you are changing from a longer race to a shorter one, there will be no fee reimbursement. If you want to go from a cheaper race to a more expensive race, please contact Pickled Feet Ultra Running for the address where to send the difference.
  • 100 Mile to 24 Hour: If you are entered in the 100 mile at the beginning of the race and do not complete 100 miles by the 32 hour deadline, you will be considered a DNF. 100 mile runners will not be allowed to ‘drop’ to the 24 hour. If you are not sure you can finish 100 miles, you are better off signing up for the 24 hour race, where at least you will get credit for miles logged, no matter how many. Obviously, if you are a 24 Hour runner, you may not change to the 100 mile after the Friday 10:00 AM 100-mile start time.
  • Drops to Shorter Races: Similarly, once the race has begun, 24 Hour runners may not drop to the 12 Hour or 6 Hour, and 12 Hour runners may not drop to the 6 Hour. You must remain in the race you started at the time the gun goes off.
  • Changes to Longer Races: The only possible exception to the ‘no race change during the race’ rule would be 6 Hour runners could potentially want to bump up to the 12 Hour Night race or the 24 Hour race, which both have the same start times as the 6 Hour; OR 12 Hour Night runners might want to bump up to the 24 Hour. This is not encouraged, but maybe you will be having a rockstar day and we don’t want to stop you. This rule is not intended to be an endorsement of indecision and is to only be used for exceptions. You have to have the difference for the race fee in CASH on hand in order to change races and then notify the RD on the spot BEFORE midnight or 6:00 am when the next race starts. Make sense? If it doesn’t, don’t do it.

Misc Rules

  • Glass containers are not allowed on the beach area at Eagle Island. If you bring glass, consider pouring your beverage from the glass into a non-shatter container. Extensive cleanup is required if glass bottles break near the beach. 
  • Your race number must be visible on the front of you on your outer layer of clothing at all times during the race. Your chip will be attached to your bib number, and if you are not wearing it, your laps will not be counted properly by the timing system.
  • No pain medication will be distributed by any race staff, including the medical personnel.
  • Headphones/Mp3 players are not banned with the usual caution to be aware of your surroundings, regardless.
  • Barefoot running is not banned.
  • Strollers are not banned.
  • Flashlights or headlamps are required!! The course is not lit at night. 
  • If you would like to change directions in which you run the loop, that is fine. Changing directions of the loop will give your mind a nice break. We will have course monitors on the course and at the junction at any given time, so we’ll know if you are trying to cheat the system. Just don’t do it.

Final Rulings

  • The race directors have the final say in any ruling.
  • In the case of unforeseeable circumstances due to weather or other extenuating circumstances that prevents the ongoing scoring of the event or creates a racing environment that is deemed too dangerous for the participants, the race director may call the race as of a certain time. Final results will be calculated based on each runner’s placement at the call time as determined by that runner’s last completed lap. This rule is intended to be a last resort, in the direst situations, when no other means is available to continue scoring the event or when the potential for serious harm or loss of life becomes imminent.
  • If you are seriously struggling at any point in the race, the race medical personnel will be asked to evaluate you, and it will be the final call of the race director if you will be allowed to continue. These decisions will be made with both safety and your desire to finish in mind.

Awards & Distance Achievement

  • Overall winners (top 3 men/top 3 women) for each race will receive prizes.
  • Runners who achieve certain mileage milestones will receive a special post-race apparel, which will be personalized and made available for pickup or shipped to you after the race. Anyone completing 100 miles or more has the choice of buckle OR apparel item.
    -Milestones for the 6 Hour race are: 20M, 50K , 50M
    -Milestones for the 12 Hour race are: 50K, 50M, 100K
    -Milestones for the 24 Hour race are: 50K, 50M, 100K, 100M
    -Milestones for the 48 Hour race are: 100K, 100M, 150M, 180M, 200M (Anyone hitting 200 miles will receive BOTH a buckle and an apparel item!)
  • There will be no age group awards.

Post Race Meal

  • Nice food will be served throughout the race, but the “main meal” for the race will arrive for consumption around 3-4 PM on Saturday afternoon.
  • This meal will be available to runners and volunteers. If you are not a runner or volunteer, we will be taking money ‘at the door’ $5 cash for the meal.
  • If you are an early finishing 100 miler, plan on eating our awesome aid station food and sticking around for the main food to arrive. If you completed your run earlier than Saturday, you are encouraged to come back Saturday afternoon for the awards and food.

 Weather, Moon, Day Length

  • Conditions are unpredictable at the end of March in Idaho. It could be warm and dry or wet and cool. Check the forecast and come prepared.
  • Sections of the course will be muddy in the event of heavy rain.
  • Check the long range weather forecast.
  • Moon calendar shows we might have a nearly full moon!
Families can play with kids on the play area or take a walk around the park while you are running.
Family could cheer you on at the trailhead by the old dairy buildings on the east side of the course.
This race is presented by Pickled Feet Ultra Running