2015 Race Reports

“I just wanted to say ‘Thank-you’! I had the BEST time at this race. The best time I have ever had at a race! As I was driving [to the race] Friday I kept having thoughts that I really had no business…trying to run a race like that. All the doubts that creep in right before something challenging…were rattling around in my head. When I pulled in to the parking area my first runner sighting sealed those doubts. Whoever it was appeared to be a ‘real’ runner. Once again, “You don’t belong here” was whispered in my brain. Little did I know….

I got out of my [vehicle] anyway and walked to the runner check in with my head held high. What I started noticing as I walked around more and more was that most runners were just like me! And friendly to boot! We were all just there to have a good time. It took me a grand total of 5 minutes to feel welcomed and part of the group. And this was an hour before my run even started! Once we all started running my thoughts turned to “How is it that I’ve never done a race like this before? This is SO cool!” I met lots of new people and had a great time (well, until the nausea set in later).

2014 Race Reports

Thanks to Sarah Barber for her writeups in the local Boise Weekly (2012 race):

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