Pickled Feet Ultra Running thanks the following sponsors for making the Pickled Feet Runs possible. Are you a running, sports, or outdoors related company interested in being a sponsor and getting great promotion in the Boise running community? Read below…

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Are you thinking that your company may want to be a sponsor of the Pickled Feet Ultra Running events? If so, that would be awesome. We want to provide more value and ‘stuff’ for our runners. Here are some thoughts on what we are looking for and what we are not looking for that will hopefully help you decide if you want to be a sponsor.

  • Do you represent a running or outdoor related company or have a service or product that would be of value to hard core trail runners?
  • Are you new to the fitness, particularly running, industry? This isn’t a prerequisite, but we can definitely help provide new companies with exposure.
  • Can you provide samples for goody bags or items that can be given away as raffle prizes?
  • Are you willing to support the two runs on the Pickled Feet Ultra Running calendar? These are the Wilson Creek Frozen 50k the third week of January and the Pickled Feet 6/12/24 Hour & 100 Mile Runs the last week of March. Approximately 500 runners total.
  • Are you willing to support all 7-8 races in the Idaho Trail Ultra Series? Approximately 1000 runners total.

Here’s some demographic info for you:

  • The Wilson Creek Frozen 50k has about 300 entries
  • The Pickled Feet Runs has about 150 entries.
  • The average age of the runners is early 40’s. We have disposable income (maybe more of that than good common sense!), otherwise we wouldn’t be able to do these runs.
  • The 2013 Pickled Feet Runs drew runners from 16 states and one Canadian province. Nearly 30% of the runners were from out of state and needed a place to stay, eat, etc. during their visit.

What we ARE looking for:

  • Samples of product that can be placed in runner’s goody bags; stuff that runners would typically use in daily life or while running.
  • If not samples, product that can be given away as raffle prizes or top three overall prizes.
  • Sponsorship for both Pickled Feet events.
  • Volunteers to man an aid station.
  • Reduced rates on lodging or food for the event’s out of town guests.
  • Food or product we can use to aid runners at aid stations or the start/finish.
  • Cash. Our races will only offer cash prizes if specifically sponsored money comes in for that purpose, so if that’s what you want to do, let’s talk.

What we are NOT looking for:

  • Non-running or outdoors recreation related ‘offers’ that won’t put something interesting or useful in the hands of our runners. We don’t want random ‘offers’ for race packets or discounts for stuff that people aren’t going to buy.
  • Stuff that is clearly a scam. We can be very skeptical.
  • Stuff that will conflict with faithful sponsors we’ve had over the years.
  • Race shirt vendors. We already have a local shirt and printing vendor, and we like him a lot and intend to stay with him.

Here’s what WE will provide YOU:

  • A logo and website link.
  • Sponsor mention during the pre-race briefing, in the various e-mails sent to entrants, and in announcements during the course of the event.
  • One free entry to run the event.The number of entries beyond that would depend on the sponsorship.
  • The possibility of your company setting up a booth or canopy during the events so that you can get more exposure to your product.
  • Access to our runner goody bags with your promo materials.
  • We typically don’t put sponsor info on the entry shirts. What we’ve heard over the years is that runners don’t really like all that logo clutter on their shirts, so we don’t do it. If you are wanting to solely sponsor an entire batch of shirts, we’ll entertain the possibility of pairing your logo or other nice business art with our race artwork in a creative manner.

Our desire is to keep our events very runner-centric. We will not relinquish any control over how we manage our events, i.e. we won’t let Pickled Feet Ultra Running become just another corporate, over-hyped road marathon type company.

If you like what you’ve read and want to help out, let’s talk. You can contact our Director of Schmooze Rachael Bazzett by email or text 508.341.5109 with your info for a call back. Thank you!

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